Record Your Demo

YouGetWhatYouPayFor Studio has capability to record a full band…or a solo artist!  

A Behringer X32 is the interface with Cubase. Using four Behringer Powerplay 16, we can provide up to four individual monitor mixes.  With a complete line of microphones from AKG, Audio-Technica, Sure, Audix, Slate, Blue, Avantone and MXL, as well as stereo and mono direct boxes, we can capture your instruments and vocals.  Nine microphones are typically used to record the drum kit.  

The recording technique can vary from fully live recording – vocals and Instrumentals – to building a song, track by track from studio sessions or remote recordings.  Listen to samples of the various recordings approaches by clicking the Recording Samples button below.

Because video is so much a part of a band’s media package, we have the capability to capture the video of your recording performances.