Professional Audio/Video recording of your live performance!



YGWYPF uses multiple cameras positioned by each performer for good individual shots, plus cameras for side and back views.  In addition, hand held camera can provide additional closeup and artistic footage.  These various video streams are sync’d to a studio mix of the multi-track audio recording with professional dissolves or overlays between scenes.


Each individual performer is recorded on a separate audio track and mixed in Cubase to create a two track stereo mix, similar to a multi-track studio recording.  This final stereo mix is a balanced recording of all instruments and vocals.  Solos and key parts are boosted to stand out in the mix. 

The final product is a multi-camera video production with a balanced near studio quality sound track, where performers can be featured with close-up footage.

Camera Positioning

Below are the various camera views from a video’d performance of Indy’s British invasion era band, 45 RPM

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